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Employee Referral Program Branding Ideas

Employee referral program brandingImplementing a successful employee referral program can be very difficult without a positive brand value. Branding is an imperative method that determines where the program will be in the future. Effective program branding helps an organization to increase its referral hires and reinforces employee participation by reminding them of the benefits of getting involved.

Here are several employee referral program branding ideas:

1. Give It An Identity

One of the best ways to excite employees about referrals is by giving the program a name, a theme, or a slogan. A unique and catchy name or slogan gives your company’s program an exclusive identity that constantly reminds employees of the reasons to refer. It should catch the attention of employees and generate recall whenever displayed.

Boost employee interest by using names such as:

  • “Company Name” Refer-A-Friend Program
  • We’re looking for a Great Talent like You
  • Refer & Relate
  • Bring Your Buddy
  • Build the Team
  • Spread the Love
  • Gift the “Company Name” Life

2. Communicate!

Employees won’t participate in a program that they know little information about. Make sure that your company keeps them updated by sending out an Employee Referral Newsletter that updates employees on the latest program features, the names of successful referrers and other program successes, as well as tips and successful approaches from top referrers. Recognition is a powerful tool that can be used to incite employee excitement to be rewarded for their participation.

Another way to gain employees’ continuous attention is to ask employees to place a banner below their emails that promotes the program and broadcasts the company’s search for new employees. Attach a link to your career site so that potential employees have easy access to applying.

3. Make It Visible

Create a positive brand value by showcasing the employee referral program and its successful achievements. Display short, inspiring video clips and colorful posters throughout the workplace. These eye-catching graphics could include charts and reports that display the number of overall referrals, the company’s referral goals, and the company’s departmental performance ranking.

Market the program through graphics, events and the distribution of collaterals with the program name clearly displayed. Branding referral merchandise that can be displayed in the office (mugs, pens, customized post-its, laptop bags, etc.) is a way to advertise the program and draw employee attention to the program.


Written by Katie Considine, Social Media and Marketing at Zao