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Marketing your Employee Referral Program

Marketing your Employee Referral ProgramIt’s game on for employees throughout the world! In today’s fast paced society, employees are seeking to make quick, easy, and convenient referrals. It is imperative for employee referral programs to effectively market their company’s beneficial qualities in order to be successful. A favorable method that many big businesses use to motivate employees and market their program is to create healthy competition using Gamification.


Here are some examples of how companies use Gamification:

  1. CISCO, a worldwide leader in networking, has recently re-launched their Social Rewards Program to encourage their clients to participate and be recognized for their valuable contributions. Members can earn badges by completing missions assigned by the company. The members who engage in the program the most will be recognized and rewarded for their efforts!
  2. AETNA, one of the largest and most respected health care organizations in the United States, has adopted Mindbloom’s Life Game platform to help their clients and employees adopt healthy life habits. Members visit the easy to navigate program to monitor areas of their life that correlate to health outcomes.
  3. Verizon Wireless, a global communications and technology leader, increased their site logins by creating Verizon Insider. By integrating the gamification provider Gigya, Verizon was enabled to reward customers and create a hub for the company’s events, contests, sponsorships, and social initiatives.


How can Gamification be applied to employee referrals?

In order to increase employee engagement, Zao promotes Gamification, which is the use of game mechanics to encourage employees to proactively participate in their company referral program. To show that their efforts are instantly recognized, employees are rewarded for their efforts and desired behaviors such as referring a qualified applicant or an applicant who was interviewed.

Here are a few steps to enhance your employee referral program’s marketing approach:

Spark employee interest

It’s important to spark interest in participating in the referral program without pushing them too much to risk disengagement. To launch an employee referral program, we suggest creating incentives for employees to participate in referral programs right away. For example, hold a raffle to draw attention to your program. Market the raffle by sending emails and keeping employees posted on the details of the prize and the easy to use program details.

Allow employees to market for you

Employee referrals often make the best hires, so it’s important to enable them to market for you. Facilitate engagement by activating autopost. With a few simple clicks, employees can choose social networks for the system to automatically posts jobs on. The software will track participation so that organizations can reward the employees that utilize this easy referral program software.

Promote incentives

Employees need to know that their efforts using referral programs are making a positive impact. The incentive process gains the attention and interest of employees, while recognizing their time and considerations. Start off by rewarding smaller prizes to employees who participate in any of the program objectives such as forwarding leads or activating autopost. Increase the quality of the prize to reward employees who refer high quality candidates. This will encourage employees to only refer top candidates and reinforce that they are contributing to the company’s success.

Inspire friendly competition

A little competition never hurt anyone- in fact it could increase employee participation. Hold a competition between all departments to see who can get the highest number of points per employee. Different referral activities can be redeemed for different items, ranging from company gear to an exciting vacation.

Gamification is an exciting marketing approach that encourages employees to engage in referral programs. One of the most important things to remember is to measure the results of your employee participation. Zao is an effective program that makes it fast and simple for organizations to track these results automatically. It will help your organization discover which promotional efforts work best for your organization and use this as a basis for improving the company for future success. So get your game on and start implementing gamification techniques into your company!


Written by Katie Considine, Social Media and Marketing at Zao